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The right bar accessories can go beyond offering functional value (although this is always our starting point). Great barware can add atmosphere to the occasion, whether it's a celebration, drinks with friends or some me time.


Vacu Vin Wine Saver
VacuVin Wine Savers | £11.99

We’ve recommended the Vacu Vin for a decade and it’s still one of our most used wine accessories. Put the cap on, pump the air out, and there’s no need to glug the whole bottle in one evening!

Leonardo Puccini Glasses
Leonardo Puccini Glasses | £5.99

We love the contemporary shape of these. German brand Leonardo produce great value high quality glasses, and this design is one piece (no join where the stem meets the bowl) and made with a formula that prevents the glass from clouding from being put in the dishwasher.

Le Creuset Waiter’s Friend
Le Creuset Waiter's Friend | Now £31.99

The classic hinged design to make opening a bottle super easy, the little Le Creuset is solid and classy.

Soiree Classic Wine Aerator
Soiree Wine Aerator | £19.99

A great gift, plug the Soiree into a bottle of wine and it’ll aerate while you pour, opening up the flavours in the same way a decanter would.