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The right tools can enable you to get better results more consistently, speed things up considerably and make the process a lot more fun.


Cole & Mason Herb Keeper
Cole & Mason Herb Keeper | £16.99

We tried this for months before stocking it, and it takes any hassle out of keeping pots of herbs in tip-top condition.

Kyocera Hand Slicer
Kyocera Hand Held Slicer | £21.99

We use one of these all the time to rapidly slice silvers of veg into salads, but it can be used for all manner of tasks. Kyocera make some of the sharpest blades in the world, and this is as sharp as they come. 

Pizza Stone Set
Pizza Stone Set | From £23.99

We love the fact that this set offers better results when you can't be bothered to cook and throw a pizza on it, or if you've spent two days preparing a sourdough to bake.

Imperia Pasta Machine
Imperia Pasta Machine | £59.99

The original and the best, the all-steel Imperia enables you to make amazing pasta and experiment with creating perfect fillings for your taste, and unlike cheaper copies, it'll keep going for a lifetime.