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What we Do

Our purpose is to make dining at home better, simpler and more enjoyable for you, and we've been doing just that for over a decade.

With a little care and a few pointers, dinner can be about something so much more enriching and exciting than a ready meal. We're here to help you equip your kitchen and dining room with exactly what you need and get more from dining at home.

Our philosophy is to only buy what you will actually use and invest in things that will last. We put enormous care into product selection, knowing very often these items may be with you for life.

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How we do it


We travel the world looking for the best cookware it has to offer. We have been to Germany and Japan looking at knives, Italy for pasta and coffee making and Scandinavia for pans. We are always searching and are confident you will not find better anywhere.


We have been testing our cookware for over a decade, in our homes and our test kitchen. Thermometers sit in travel mugs for hours, herb keepers prove their worth on windowsills for months to and pans get cooked with for many years. Our range has evolved with one purpose - to provide our customers with long terms enjoyment.


Our advice has a singular intention: to make the lives of our customers as simple and enjoyable as possible. Our store teams are chefs and home cooks who know how to ask the right questions in order to come up with the perfect solution every time, selecting from the best the world has to offer, at sensible prices.

Value at Season


We stock products ranging from entry level (the start of the good stuff - things that work properly) to the best. Our staff are trained to explain clearly what you get for the extra money. There is no technical jargon needed - better pans have a construction that cooks more evenly, knives stay sharper - with real-world value, the diffrences are clear. You can then decide on what offers the best value to you. We are not here for the hard sell, we're here to enable you to make informed decisions. Great cookware will last you a lifetime. It's worth taking a few minutes to get it right.