About Us

Our aim at Season is to help our customers get more from cooking and dining at home. By sticking to this simple function, and this alone, we are able to invest all our energies in finding the perfect solutions for you. When you come to us for a piece of cookware or sometimes just inspiration, we are passionate about ensuring you leave with the best option you could have possibly chosen for that price.

We are exhaustive in our approach to selecting the very best products the world has to offer at each price point. Sometimes testing a single item can take months, sometimes it will prove itself over years. At the time of writing, we are testing a Cole & Mason Herb Keeper, containing a basil plant. Next to it is another basil plant in a bowl, for comparison purposes. After two months of watering and testing, we had a winner. (the difference is starting to show in the leaves in the picture) So we put it on our shelves and now recommend it. Garlic crush, frying pan, baking tin – everything gets the same scrutiny. We use our products at home, and have over a decade of experience using a lot of our cookware. Our customers put their trust in us and come back to us based on how happy they've been with a recommendation; this is not something we take lightly.


All of our staff, from Director to part time store staff are not only cookware experts but have a genuine love of cooking and baking. Indeed, some are ex chefs. It's why we do what we do and how we ensure you'll not only enjoy visiting our stores, but find it informative and rewarding.


We are quality-driven, but respect the fact you want to pay a fair price. We will never compromise on the quality of what we sell in order to offer something at a discount that provides only superficial value. We do however take the time to build great relationships with our suppliers, and when we can secure a great deal, we pass the saving on to you. As such, there's usually a sprinkling of great offers in our stores. In the event you see something we sell for less, please let us know – we can usually match the price and wouldn’t want to lose you over something so easily resolved.