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They say cooking is an art and baking is a science, yet our bakers (we have both trained pastry chefs and passionate home bakers amongst our store teams) seem to have a lot of fun! And let's face it, out of all the courses, if you have to name one as 'fun', it would be dessert. Whether you're professional looking for something uber-specific (anything we don't have, we will happily source) or someone making their first forays into baking, from bread to meringues, you'll find we're more than happy to help.


Copper Cookie Cutters
Copper Cookie Cutters | £3.99

Gingerbread Men are our customer’s cookie of choice to make, and this copper design looks so gorgeous it makes a great gift. The handle is a nice touch when things get buttery and slippy.

Icing Pen
Icing Pen | £6.00

This handy little pen is the go-to for writing messages in icing on cakes, cookies, etc. It works perfectly with melted chocolate too, fruit puree etc, and is also great for dressing plates and getting all Michelin.

Heston Scales
Heston Precision Scale | £34.99

Popcorn is best when made with 1 gram of salt to 3 grams of sugar for a pan full. Fact. It’s subtle, and it has perfect sweet-savoury balance. You cannot do this with less accurate scales, and the Hestons are the most accurate in the world.

Nordic Cake Tin
Nordic Anniversary Cake Pans | £49.99

Made from cast aluminium (the only way to produce such levels of detail), the Nordic pans are heavy and look amazing. More importantly, they bake evenly and produce spectacular cakes.