Bakers are in their element at Christmas; there is no better excuse to fire-up ovens and produce all manner of delicious treats and indulge in our favourite past-time – watching loved ones coo over our latest creations. We are in well and truly in Play Mode, so new toys are always received with the excitement generated by a world of possibilities.

Copper gingerbread man: £3.99 (see above)

This is a gift that is soooo Christmas, but can (and should) be used all year round. Gingerbread Men are our customers' most popular cookie to make, and this copper design looks so gorgeous it’ll make you want to hang it on the tree. The handle is a nice touch for when things get buttery and slippy.

Heart Cake Tester: £7.99

Heart Cake Tester

Another cute present with a practical bent. (Londoners rarely have kitchens as big as they’d like – we have no room for hangers-on) Poke it in your cake, if it comes out clean, you’re done. It can also be used to test potatoes without breaking them up and releasing starch and poking through foil to test vegetables roasting in a parcel; if they’re not tender, fold over your little hole in the parcel and stick them back in for a bit. Comes with a little sleeve for storage.

Kilo Icing Pen: £6.00

Kilo Icing Pen

This handy little pen is the go-to for writing messages in icing on cakes, cookies, etc. It works perfectly with melted chocolate too, fruit puree etc, and is also great for dressing plates and getting all Michelin. The Kilo Icing Pen is fun, it’ll get used and your baker probably won’t have one already, making it a gift win.

Joseph Joseph Nest Cups: £12

Joseph Joseph Nest Cups

The brothers Joseph have becoming synonymous with their nesting designs, and this set is both space saving and beautiful. The spoons and cups range from ¼ teaspoon to 1 cup – bakers will find the latter handy for American recipes. Even if your recipient has cups and spoons, they probably won’t have cups and spoons like these.

British Biscuit Cookie Set: £11.99

British Biscuit Cookie Set

Another fun gift your baker will enjoy using to produce delicious results. The home made Bourbon is a wonderful thing. Buy them this, keep tabs on them, visit when they have biscuits.

Lekue bread baker: £20.00

Lekue bread baker

Home made bread is a wonderful thing. If you know someone who has yet to enter the wonderful world of proper bread baking (proper: not just bunging everything in a machine), the Lekue bread baker will get them involved with minimum fuss and mess. Mix, prove and bake, all in this little beauty.

Heston Precision Scale: £34.99

Heston Precision Scale

We've had many a conversation about how accurate scales need to be. (Such japes we have!) Not everyone’s convinced you need to be accurate to within half a gram, as the Heston Precision Scale enables you to be. They're great for measuring dried yeast in small quantities, but once you have them, they open up a whole new micro-weighing world you never knew existed! For example, we have discovered the wonders of popcorn with 1 gram of salt to 3 grams of sugar for a pan full. It’s subtle, and it has perfect sweet-savoury balance. You cannot do this with less accurate scales, and the Hestons are the most accurate in the world. Unless they have some retro, old-skool, big heavy analogue scale thing going on, buy them for a baker and they’ll love you for it.

Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus: £45

Joseph Joseph Nest 9

The Nest 9 is a modern design classic and gets a lot of ‘Oh, I love these’ from customers when they’re browsing our stores – always a good ‘this’ll make a great present’ sign. Space saving, super-handy (the set incorporates a mixing bowl, sieve, measuring cups…) and beautiful, it has ‘perfect gift for bakers’ written all over it.

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer: around £549

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

The sheer price of this of course means the recipient has to have been very good to be getting one of these from Santa. Still, if they have, the chances of getting any other response than ‘Oh my God – it’s beautiful’ hover at around zero. Seen in professional kitchens throughout the world, the Kitchenaid is solid (and damn heavy), exquisitely put together and on pretty much every baker’s wish list.

Needless to say, we have a lot of beautiful gifts for bakers, and indeed many of our staff are keen bakers who will be only too happy to help you find something really special for the baker in your life, whether they're at 'my first cake' stage or professional level.