A long-standing favourite for our customers, the Poach Perfects are silicone pods in the shape of half a cracked egg that come in a pair for £4.99. I usually find poaching eggs fine, but it doesn’t go as it should 100% of the time, so I thought I’d find out for myself if they make perfect results easier. Answer: yes. There are always going to be people who would rather poach eggs the old fashioned way, and I can see the attraction, particularly if your priority is to keep kitchen gadgets to an absolute minimum, but there’s no doubt, the Poach Perfects work beautifully.

My top Poach Perfect tips:

  1. Tip a dot of olive oil into each pod and rub around the inside to prevent the egg sticking.
  2. Crack the egg into the pod before you put it into the pan. If you put the pod into the pan before adding the egg, the oil thins with the heat, and will drop to the bottom of the pod, so the rest will lose it’s oily non-stick properties.
  3. Put a couple of centimetres of water into a pan that you have a lid for (we sell lids of all sizes if you’re short) big enough to take the pods and bring to a simmer. I used a Greenpan frying pan; two pods nestled in the centre perfectly happily. Lower in the pods, put the lid on, and keep an eye on them. Mine took around 6 minutes to cook through but retain runny yolks.
  4. Don’t try and turn the pod inside-out to release the eggs – it’ll just break up the white. Instead, just slide a spatula around the edge of the egg and slide it out.


I served mine with delicious seasonal steamed asparagus and hollandaise on muffins. I use my trusty porringer (great for chocolate work too) for the hollandaise, which makes life super easy. A bain marie will get the same results. Also pictured is the Juicester lemon juicer – another hit with our customers. I find this very useful – juice half your lemon, stick the Juicester in the fridge and it enables you to pour as you need whilst catching the pips.

Here’s how I did my hollandaise:


2 eggs

100g butter

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon mustard

Separate the eggs – you’ll need the yolks.

Melt the butter in a saucepan and skim off the froth that forms on the top with a tablespoon, leaving just clear melted butter.

Put the egg yolks into the porringer/bain marie over gently simmering water. Add the lemon juice and mustard and whisk together.

Add the butter a little at a time and whisk well. I find a little Magic Whisk really handy for smaller quantities of whisking. (I use one to emulsify dressings all the time) When you’ve whisked in all the butter and have a thick sauce, thin with a drop of white wine vinegar if needed. (I didn’t) Serve immediately!

Top hollandaise tip

Keep an ice cube handy. If your hollandaise splits, whisk one in and it should bring it back. Mine split while I was faffing around with my camera, and turned into a horrid porridge consistency which no amount of whisking/adding butter would fix. The ice cube saved the day!