One of the beauties of simple, functional kitchen equipment is how effortlessly we can transition them from winter duties to summer deployment, saving space in the kitchen.

We now want to create light crunch and texture for sizzling salads; a potato peeler doubles up for getting green and orange ribbons into our salads derived from courgettes and carrots. With a julienne peeler take a Romano red pepper and add a different texture to this humble vibrant salad fruit. 

Pestle & Mortar

Let's take a pestle and mortar and double up its use by into it placing a garlic glove, lime or lemon, fresh chilli parsley or mint, and bash the heck out of all those ingredients to create a zingy, flavoursome dressing to match your fabulous salad. Or make a spiced or herby salt by taking your favourite choice and mixing it with some course sea salt and pummelling it in the same receptacle to scatter over a fish fillet before pan frying or barbecuing over a hot grill.

And for a final flourish toast up some seeds, nuts or a herby crumb in one of our sturdy non stick frying pans and scatter over your dish of choice for a crunchy note.

Shop local and bag yourself loads of fresh herbs, chop them up using a good knife, stir through some oil, season and freeze individually into ice cubes trays. Use at a later stage for stirring though a new potato salad or pasta of your choice whenever the mood takes you.

For more cooking inspiration, why not pop along to a class in our Crouch End store.