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Our advice is to avoid gimmicks! That cyclist pizza cutter may seem fun, but it'll get chucked the moment it gets stringy cheese clogged in the wheels! The perfect gift for a cook is all about indulgences they may not quite have been able to justify buying themselves, whilst ensuring it's something they'll make use of. (No kitchen has space for superfluous stuff)


Global Knife Set
Pizza Stone Set | Now £11.99

This set, complete with trivet and cutter, is such a favourite with our staff, many of us have our own tips on how to get the most from it. Tell whoever you're gifting it to to whack the oven up to full, preheat for 15 mins, and watch that pizza - it'll cook quickly!

Jamie Pestle
Jamie Oliver Pestle & Mortar | Now £14.99

An absolute bargain, this gorgeous granite pestle & mortar isn't the sort of gift that will end up in the back of the cupboard. Hours of fun for anyone who loves cooking, from spicy dressings to guacamole, the possibilities are endless.

Imperia Pasta Machine
Imperia Pasta Machine | Now £59.99

Darling of Michelin-starred kitchens, the Italian made Imperia ticks the perfect gift box on several counts. You can give it knowing you have given the very best, it will last (it isn't cheap because it is steel throughout) and it's something cooks will use but may yet to have treated themselves to!

Global 2 Piece Knife Set
Global 2 Piece Knife Set | Now £99.99

Again, ticks the 'it'll last forever if looked after' box, the Global G-2 is the world's best selling quality chef's knife. We are currently offering this set, including a wonderful sharpener, at half the retail price. Something any chef will enjoy.