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Great cookware makes cooking more of a joy for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, you get better food from frying pans that fry evenly, casseroles that brown perfectly and roasters that allow you to roast fluffy potatoes without half getting stuck to the pan. Then there's the process - far more enjoyable with quality tools. Finally, there's the lack of stress - no bits flaking off, no need to replace frequently and great results every time. We do sell some top-end cookware, but only if it's worth the extra and delivers on these fronts.


Greenpan Egg Expert
Greenpan Egg Expert | Now £9.99

We have frying pans ranging up to the very best money can buy, but this is a fun introduction to premium quality ceramic pans. If you're cooking on gas (it won't work on induction), great for fried egg sandwich emergencies. 

Le Creuset Casseroles
Le Creuset Cast Iron Signature Casserole | From £139.50

We score few points for originality with this choice, but the Le Creuset embodies perfectly what we look for when selecting cookware for our customers: durability, versatility and timeless design.

Greenpan Venice Pro Wok
Greenpan Venice Pro Wok | £69.99

We have a wide range of woks, from traditional to high tech, budget to high end, each with their own characteristics - there is fun to be had matching wok to customer. The Greenpan is a great all-rounder; easy to maintain, great to cook with and durable.

Sacanpan Classic Roaster
Scanpan Classic Roaster | From £107.99

It is not cheap (our roasters start from around £10), and it lacks visual bells and whistles, but next time you're in one of our stores, just pick one up and you'll notice the difference. The Scanpan is one of those products that reminds our staff what a huge difference cooking with great cookware makes.