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We pick our favourite things to help us enjoy the great outdoors, from beautiful Italian-designed water bottles to a very clever barbecue.


24 Bottles
24 Bottles | From £13.99

There are a lot of of steel water bottles out there, including a few ubiquitous designs you see everywhere. We love 24 Bottles for their outstanding attention to detail, and the fact they leave no aftertaste.

Keepcup Cork
KeepCup Brew Cork | From £18.99

These gorgeous cups with their glass and cork design are our favourite design for use at the office. The little swing-stopper is perfect for keep your drink hot that bit longer when you're busy doing other things.

Root 7 Canteen
Corkcicle Canteen | £24.99

This is our top pick for picnic go-ers. The Corkcicle is triple-walled, so will keep drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours, and is perfecting for decanting white wine into! 

Lotus Grill
Lotus Grill | £144.99

We are biased, as we are Londoners, and in London, when you have a barbecue, for everyone shouting hurray, someone's having a moan, but the ingenious Lotus Grill has the solution: a smoke free barbecue! We love the fact you can control the cooking temperature as the touch of a dial, and that the body is cool to the touch.