Gifts For Booze Lovers SeasonGifts for Booze Lovers Season Mobile
Whisky, Champagne. Cocktails, we have lots of gift ideas to get the party started, serve appropriately, or simply look great on the dinner table. Here are a few of our favourites.


Whisky Wedge
Whisky Wedge | £14.99

A fun gift for whisky drinkers, the Whisky Wedge is a chunky glass with a wedge mould that pops in the top. Fill with water, freeze, remove wedge and you have a glass with a wedge shape slab of ice ready for some whisky. Looks striking, more effective than a couple of ice cubes.

Whisky Rocks
Whisky Rocks | £19.99

A great gift for serious whisky drinkers, who may put up with that chilled malarkey, but will not be too happy if you give it to them diluted, especially if they’ve already been drinking. Keep things chilled this Christmas with this lovely set of whisky rocks. Store them in their gorgeous little black velvet bag in the freezer, pop a few in your drink and it’ll chill without diluting. Also great for gin & tonics and anything where you want to preserve flavour and potency.

Root 7 Canteen
Corkcicle Canteen | £29.99

A flask in the booze section? No, we haven't been on the sauce ourselves - the Canteen is indeed great for soups, but will also keep wine cold for 24 hours come Summer picnic time.

Stainless Steel Cocktail Set
Three Piece Cocktail Set | £29.99

Fun, timelessly designed and built to last, these have been a favourite in our stores for a decade. All solid stainless steel, a lovely strainer like the professionals use, and a measure for singles (pah!) & doubles (yey!). Comes in a nice box, at a great price - what’s not to love. Make sure the recipient has booze in, give them this, and let the fun times roll.