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Like the battery to the toy, the best wine gifts enable you to fully enjoy the main event. Our range is all about opening up flavours and quaffing in style.


Leonardo Puccini Wine Glasses
Leonardo Puccini Wine Glasses | £5.99

We love the contemporary design of these glasses - a twist on a classic whilst remaining understated. They make a gift that's a bit different but are still great for every day/every other day use. These German glasses are specially treated to not cloud when put in the dishwasher and are made from toughened glass.

Soiree Wine Aerator
Soiree Classic | £19.99

Decanting wine is a beautiful thing, yet not everyone can be bothered to. Tadaaa! Plug the Soiree Classic into your bottle of wine, pour and see how it sucks loads of oxygen into the wine, opening up those flavours with minimum faff. The Soiree Classic is one of those things that has been ripped off by cheap imports. Get them the original and the best, with its neat little stand.

Sagaform Decanter
Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper | £29.99

One for the aesthetes, a bottle of wine decanted into this Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper will not only taste better but look gorgeous on the table. A carafe is a classic gift, this one’s a bit special.

Le Creuset Vitesse Wine Fountain
Le Creuset Vitesse Wine Fountain | £55.00

A gift that performs the functional task of allowing wine to breathe, the Vitesse is also a great bit of table theatre. Give the lucky recipient a bottle of wine too and watch as they plug it into the Vitesse and place it on the table as the wine cascades through the aerator into the decanter beautifully.