Knife Sharpening Season London

There are many ways to get your knives sharp, and we have them all. If it's been years since your knives have been sharpened and you want to hit the reset button, bring them in for a professional sharpen. We have staff in each store who are trained to get your knives cutting performance back to as-new. Each store has an industrial three-stage station that uses diamonds to grind the edge of your knife back into shape, then refining until perfectly sharp before gently buffering to a perfect finish.

We charge £4 for blades under 14cm, £6 for blades that are longer. We don't sharpening serrated blades. Sharpening usually takes under 48 hours, sometimes quicker - if you're in a hurry, let us know! We also have everything you'll need to maintain your knives and will be happy to advise you.