Olive Wood Chopping Board 50cm

Olive Wood Chopping Board 50cm

Our Olive Wood products are made from sustainably sourced wood that is ethically produced. Only when a tree’s production of fruit and oil begins to wane is harvesting considered. Harvesting is often done simply by pruning the tree to stimulate new growth, not by cutting it down. Fallen trees and branches are always utilised too. As a result of this protection and the longevity of these nearly “immortal” trees, most trees are not touched until they are hundreds of years old. This often means that each tree has been cared for by generations of olive farmers.

It is also important to note that many families of farmers depend on these trees, including the sale of wood, for their livelihood. We hope to help these farmers earn additional income to support their families and communities by working with them to create a product line that fully utilises all the olive wood harvested each year once they stop bearing fruit.

Patterned by the natural grain and rich in colouring of the wood they were cut from and carved to best suit the unique pieces each craftsman starts with, the end result is that no two items are ever exactly the same. Olive wood is a naturally highly durable hardwood with a high oil content that prevents it from absorbing colour or flavours and it is resistant to bacteria and therefore it lends itself well to constructing beautiful, unique items of tableware and serveware.

Each of these chopping boards has a different cut and the pattern of wood grain.

  • Size: Length 50cm, Width Varies
  • Care: Handwash only, dry thoroughly after use, reoil using pure olive oil 

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