I didn’t choose minimalism, minimalism chose me

Jason Moran - Founder

I think many people buy too much stuff (including myself, mainly tea and chocolate). I believe being happy, enjoying the world and helping others do the same are far more important things to be concerned with than the endless accumulation of material things. Here's a little bit about some of the things that shaped this view, how it led me to setting up Season, and how these values are central to what we do. 

Me, my brother, favourite toy

My brother and I having fun with one of our favourite toys. This one was either the fire engine or the pirate ship – I always confused the two as I found them to look rather similar.

My brother and I grew up with my mother on the 14th floor on a high-rise council estate in pre-gentrification Cricklewood. My toys were made of surplus cardboard boxes, and I think this started to shape my ‘do more with less’ approach. You can see this in our product selection; we don't sell gimmicks, and if we think people won't get regular use out of something, we don't stock it.

By the time I started my first job in retail aged 15, I’d started to admire the beautifully made things I could never afford, so I spent my entire first month’s pay packet went on a full-length, wall-to-wall pair of grey velvet curtains for my bedroom. As I sat gazing at the texture of the fabric and the beautiful way they hung, I was hooked – I kept the amount of stuff I bought to a minimum and invested all I could in quality from then on.

When I moved into my own place aged 18, my desire for something more than ready-meal monotony started a lifelong love of cooking. Today, cooking remains one of my favourite ways to relax and spend time experimenting on my partner, friends, and family.

Me and sourdough

I bake a pretty good sourdough and to the amusement of my teams show pictures of my bread to customers at every opportunity.

At around the age of 20, as my love of the ‘less is more’ philosophy deepened, I discovered that nature provided such beautiful colour, we meddling humans didn't need to add more, I developed a love of monochrome and commited to never wearing colour again. 26 years later it remains a personal visual cue to myself of minimalism, and that material things aren’t a primary factor in being happy, enjoying the world is. The influence of this is woven through our company; we tend to opt for monochrome or simple colour designs, there to play a supportive role to more important things; food, nature and people.

At the mid point in my retail career, I asked myself what I’d do for the next half if I could do anything. I went with what I enjoyed most, my love of cooking and great design, and Season was born. Season is our way of sharing with the world our passion for buying better rather than more, then getting on with what's important - enjoying life and all the wonderful things nature has to offer with family and friends.