Kai Shun SeasonKai Shun Season
Few kitchen items can claim to kick back quite the same degree of value for money than a good knife. It isn't even just about cooking better food. It's about enjoying the process. If you're fed up of hacking away at ingredients, invest in something that will glide through them. Matching the right knife to the customer is something we find particularly rewarding, knowing how much they'll enjoy using it for years to come.


Victorinox Knives
Victorinox Knives | From £6.99 

These have been the go-to for many chefs on a budget starting-out for many years. A simple, light design, but the quality of steel for the money is unparalleled.

Robert Welch Knives
Robert Welch Knives | From £23

We love the way Robert Welch have brought high end design principles to an affordable price point. Primarily, good quality forged German steel and a full tang design (the blade goes down to the base of the handle) for balance and strength.

Wusthof Knives
Wusthof Knives | From £44.99

Wusthof have been making knives for over 200 years for chefs and people at home who want something a bit special. Solid and built to last a lifetime, they are the finest European knives money can buy.

Kai Shun Knives
Kai Shun Knives | From £81.99

The beauty of the Kai Shuns is more than skin deep. Made from an incredibly strong central cutting edge, many of our staff use the Kai Shu knives as they are amazingly sharp and stay that way for ages.